If you were looking for where to edit online videos at no cost, you came to the right place, with the creation of social networks for the exchange of free homemade videos like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, snapchat and others, the editing and creation of videos no longer belong to the domain exclusive of professionals. All you need now is a computer with acceptable performances and bingo you can now edit your films and become a videoblogger or make presentations for your projects.

Of course this is not the only free option, due to this heyday many companies have wanted to offer online solutions, so that anyone can edit their videos online , this without downloading any type of program or having to use a computer specialized, everything you would need is an acceptable internet connection that lets you use these online editing applications .

Many will think that online video editing is quite difficult, but it is not. Actually, it is entertaining, and in most cases the applications are very intuitive, giving you tips and tutorials, to carry out your video on-line, apart from lending mass diffusion options easily sharing your projects edited on the networks Preferred social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube.

Edit online is simple and fast with professional results and if you manage to achieve some impact on social networks, it may also become viral, and maybe be a star overnight hahaha why not? but we will not dream too much now and see the benefits and disadvantages of editing your videos online .

Advantage of editing your online video

  • You do not need a very powerful computer.
  • The editing tools are simpler to use than in specialized software.
  • You do not need to download any video editing program.
  • Professional templates for certain videos, intros or advertising.
  • Simplicity to share your videos on social networks.
  • Render or save your videos in the most used formats without inconvenience and with little weight.

Disadvantages of editing your online video

  • In most cases you must pay to release each and every one of the tools that you would like to use.
  • Restrictions on professional works, such as adding special effects.
  • If your internet is not fast, it will be frustrating to edit videos online for the long loading time for each modification.

Basically those are the advantages and disadvantages of online video editors, with perfection will be useful for easy projects, if you plan to make a video for your class, easy video blog that only need certain texts and cut videos online , this is your best option. The question now is where to edit videos online for free and without registering? then we will leave you a list with the best that suit your needs.

If what you need is to make videos with special effects, use chroma key (green screen), make 3D videos … You are asking too much, for this type of tools if you need a specialized computer and use the recommended programs according to your operating system, Windows , Linux , Mac or edit your video with the cell phone.

What are the best online video editors?

Wondershare Filmora (Free and paid)

filmora online video editor

Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) is another great piece of software that allows you to edit and cut video clips online, add text, apply effects for a home video. In a similar way to the aforementioned YouTube tool, which has all the impressive video effects and features, for this you must download a small application that allows you to view the editor online .


Kaltura (Free and payment)

kaltura editor of online videos

Kaltura is known to be the first  open source online video editing platform . It has tons of features that other video editors do not have and also has the great support of the community to share your experiences in video editing. They also have management benefits, professional video publication, syndication and income generation.


Mixerfactory (Free and paid)


This free online video editor is easy to use and has a video toolbox marked with white so you can edit and customize later. It has several templates and has loaded transition, text, video, sound effects and frame level cut features. That’s why it has been an award-winning website among the rest of the online video editors.


Magisto (Free and Payment)


Video editing with Magisto is fun. It has a good user experience and contains many editing tools, it has filters to beautify and really useful tools to join online videos and a community that can see and spread them.


MixMoov (Free and paid)

mixmoov online video editor

Another favorite tool among publishers , putting music to an online video  is no problem with MixMoov, which contains a very simple editing toolbox, you can customize many basic aspects. Its interfaces remind the legendary video editor movie maker of windows  making it easy to cut, paste and collect videos , among other utilities and all this online .

Acquired by MixerFactory

Powtoon (Free and paid)


Apart from online video editing, Powtoon also makes it possible to create new videos. You have all kinds of tools and features that can add animations and sounds in a few clicks.


Wideo (Payment)


The creation of video in Wideo is quite easy , since it has all the elements of drag and drop, additional advanced features like the creation of animation in sequence and there are no limits in the use of your files and elements such as drawings, cartoons, text and images.

With Wideo it is easy to upload video sequences of your property and any image you have in your photo collection can be easily used in making your video is necessary, not for nothing is considered the best online video editor . Without a doubt, a unique way to make videos online. It allows you to create new videos from scratch, it is simple and has a wide range of professional editing tools to create animations with the addition of sequences, cartoons, text and images, including the possibility of uploading your videos and photos.


RawShort (Free and paid)


RawShort is not an editor itself, it is more a generator of animated videos through free templates of the platform, it is excellent to make simple animated videos explaining any situation, product or service. The final result is very professional, so much so that it does not seem to be done by a free tool. Its interface is so simple that you only need a few minutes to complete a project. The only thing that could criticize this service is that the free catalog that it has is very limited unlike the payment, which you can use without any problems to practice but you could not export the projects that have premium films.


Loopster (Free and paid)

loopster online video editor

Loopster is an alternative to online editing and to create video with photos and  music , although seeing their functions do not make a big difference to their competition that have been mentioned above even in their payment plans , their most economical plan $ 5 (monthly) offers 10 GB of cloud storage, 1080p resolution, no watermark, 2 audio line, real-time voice recording, 20-minute timeline, maximum upload file size of 2GB, slow-motion video up to 5x, Fast forward video up to 5x, Text, Graphics, 600 Sound effects.


WeVideo (Free and paid)

WeVideo edit video online

WeVideo is a web platform for video editing the application allows you to add titles, effects, animations, music and much more to your videos and share the results with contacts on social networks Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn. WeVideo works perfectly as an online video cutter because it offers free plans and an online space where you can upload multimedia files from your computer (images, video, audio).

WeVideo also has its own library of audio, video and graphic transitions and effects (text, frames, animations and others), so you do not have to worry about the learning curve on how to edit a  video . The only disadvantage of its free service is the limitation in terms of the maximum resolution that they offer to render (480p) while the most expensive plan lets you render up to 4k Ultra HD.


Alternatives of programs to edit videos

If none of these online editing programs meets your expectations, you should start thinking about acquiring a powerful specialized computer for  high quality video editing  and with it a compatible system and program that can do everything that is being created in your imagination. , then I leave you other lists of programs depending on your operating system and computers to edit videos.