There are several programs to edit videos with Mac , although there are many compared to those that the Windows operating system has. I must stress that since I’m using Mac I do not like editing with Windows, although it has fewer options to edit the videos, the editors offered by Mac are really good, it’s worth paying for them and others are completely free. Let’s have a look at both.

The best programs to edit videos with Mac Free

IMovie from Apple

You do not have to pay anything extra for iMovie comes with its new Mac OS X. The latest version of iMovie is excellent. With a few clicks you can share, upload the video edition to YouTube or you might want to export to your iPhone, iPad, etc. All this is possible with Apple iMovie.

I consider iMovie the best free video editor, since it has a lot of features and you do not have to pay anything, apart from being made by Apple, so you can fully trust this software.



You may have heard of Avidemux which is a multiplatform based video editor that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Under the GNU GPL license and compatible with many well-known video formats. It is designed to make cuts, coding and filtering tasks. Some of the most popular formats it supports: AVI, MP4, MPEG, ASF, MOV, AAC, AC3, JPG, etc. For the simple edition you should try this free software.



With HyperEngine-AV you can create DVD-quality movies and presentations in a matter of minutes. You have all the controls of a professional video editor such as exporting videos, editing videos, adding text and editing audio that are just basic concepts in any video editing software.



It has a wonderful 3D graphic engine. There are many advanced features that Blender has in its interior and the best ones are modeling, rendering, water, animation, smoke simulations, non-linear editing, video games, texturing and many other visual effects. It also has multi-OS support and works very well on Windows, Linux and Mac, of course. Even to character animations, scripts with Python function embedded and modified with modeling based modifier tools.

DOWNLOAD blender

The best programs to edit videos with Mac Payments

Premier Pro

A favorite of video creators. This program has integrated support Ultra HD 4k video and new effects such as color and motion titles. Export options, audio editing and speed deceleration have also been improved. It still falls short compared to CyberLink PowerDirector 14 which we consider to be the best video editing software.

DOWNLOAD Premier Pro for mac

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is for professionals and is the best video editing software for Mac. It has everything as 3D text, optimized media delegation, project cache files, native support for various video formats, technical support files for broadcasting, color correction tools and much more.

DOWNLOAD Final Cut Pro

There are some other Mac programs for video editing that are worth mentioning as Media Composer, LightWorks and HitFilm, it is a matter of trying each one and staying with the one that best suits your purposes. I hope you served this information.